Houston, we have a heartbeat!

I’ve just got back from a date with dildocam for the seven week scan and I love him so. The scan showed everything is perfect so far.

Our little rice grain size truffle has a perfect heartbeat and is developing just fine.

I have nausea from the minute I wake until the minute I go to sleep which is currently about seventeen seconds a night given I’m up and down to the toilet constantly.

I’m tired and vomity and my boobs hurt like hell and I’ve never been happier.


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2 responses to “Houston, we have a heartbeat!

  1. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, so wonderful! I am officially allowing myself to be happy. Now bring on that magic 12 week scan.
    I just went and looked up my blog entry from the 7 week scan so I could remember just how it was. I am delighted.
    I used to hate people asking me this, but do you have a preference? I always used to say, “I want a girl, but obviously I’ll be happy if it’s a boy” (wondering all along how that was actually going to happen, whilst simultaneously feeling guilty for having a preference at all).

    • I am exactly the same… I feel guiltily superficial and shallow for really wanting a little girl but my niece warms my heart so much I’m addicted to little girls. I love the idea of raising a strong woman.
      Martin really wants a boy (even though he too adores little girls and is a total soft touch with them) I think he has visions of taking him to soccer and fishing and having a life long little ‘mate’.
      Regardless, it is has taken us so long and been so much hard work to get here I don’t really care which way it goes and I’ll happily have a boy too.
      We think the odds are it will be a boy as both our siblings have produced girls only so it’s a ‘boy’ turn.

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