Out & Proud

The Truffle (Or Truffy, Lord of the Truffs as M. has decided he/she is now named) is perfect. I’m already a biased parent.

Yesterday we had the 12-week Nuchal Translucency scan which was exciting. Truffy is a very active young foetus. Within seconds of appearing on the ultrasound monitor he/she was waving to us happily before busting some ultra cool break dance moves (though ultra cool and break dancing in the same sentence is probably an oxymoron) and hopping maniacally about. I hope having Gangster Rappers living next door hasn’t influenced the Truffles musical tastes already. I don’t think I could cope if he/she starts referring to him/herself as Truf Diddy at such an early age.

At 37 the risk of Down or other syndromes would normally be 1 in 149, which is a terrifyingly high number but the NT results showed that my risk has dropped to 1 in 3,000, which is the equivalent risk of a 15 year old pregnant woman so I got an A and the truffle his/her first gold star. We’re so proud. And greatly relieved that the risky Amnio and CVS tests are not required.

We are now out and proud publicly pregnant folk, which is a good thing as it is getting increasingly hard to hide the fact as I have bypassed chubby and am protruding rather obviously.


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5 responses to “Out & Proud

  1. That was lovely to read.

  2. hurrah! I am hurrahing that you are out and at the truffle’s test but also that the cargos fit and are proving handy! this is all excellent news! any hilarious reactions? many people asked me if it was “deliberate”.

    • Only strange reactions so far were from a friend of a friend who questioned if we weren’t a little old to be starting a family and then told us the child would be deformed and also from my idiot brother who wante dto know if we’d planned it. Umm… we’ve been on IVF for several months so no, it was a total accident!

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