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I’ve spent the morning watching 18month old Devilette race up and down the hallway with a determined glint in her eye, holding aloft a plastic sword that is at least twice her size and shouting “chaaaarge!”

Either she is a miniaturised modern-day Joan of Arc or she’s putting in practice for when she gets hold of my credit cards in a few years time.

Alternately, she may just be another nut-job… just what this family needs!

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You say potato…

This morning grandma came to visit. This in itself is not out of the ordinary.

Devilette was gifted with a plush Winnie the Pooh which she immediately fell in love with. Given her current fixation on all things fluffy, this is not out of the ordinary either. But then…

We told her his name.

She immediately shouted “Poo” gleefully and, taking us at our word, proceeded to stick it in the toilet.

Fair play, baby girl. Fair play.

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