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Avast me Aussie hearties!

So my darling Devilboy came home from pre-school yesterday singing the national anthem, “Avast Our ‘Stralia Fair”, which the are learning as part of the school Christmas concert (no , I don’t get the connection either).

But thank Gods, I say, for I was living under a decades long cloud of ignorance to the actual lyrics of our national song.

Not only was I unaware that we were a nation of pirates, I’d never before realised that the first line was, and I quote,  “Our ‘Stralia’s all fartarse for choice” or that we were “good by sea”. I was particularly surprised to learn that our land abounds in nature’s gifts “of beauty Richard Ray” and that in “joy for strays” we all should sing “Avast Our ‘Stralia Fair”.

You learn something new everyday. Thanks, little man for the cultural  edification. 😉

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