Google is not my friend.

I’ve been a bit quiet since the good news as I have been very busy reeling from shock and euphoria before slipping into a Google induced paranoia over the last few days.

Everything is fine so far just a little queasiness, slightly sore boobs and a little afternoon tiredness. All the normal stuff.

But… I’ve had a few sharp stitch like cramps over the past couple of days and then yesterday I sneezed whilst laying down and the cramp was INTENSE. The pain only lasted a minute or so but it was extreme. Of course, being the paranoid beast that I am, I quickly referred to Google and of course was immediately convinced I had an ectopic pregnancy (more common for some bizarre reason in IVF where the fallopian tubes are skipped in the process… but there you go)

This morning I decided to swap the information of Google for that of The Stabber at Casa Conception. I called her for some reassurance and she said to not worry so much and has banned me from the use of Google for the duration of the pregnancy (as if).

She said that it’s probably just things jiggling about even at this early stage and unless the pain is very frequent, only ever on one side (it’s been mostly the right but a couple of twinges on the left) and the pain stays for a long time rather just a minute or so and/or I suffer from spotting or other symptoms it should be fine.

Only about 12 days until the first scan. Though until I am three months gone I will be cautious about sharing the news with other folks… after the scan I will be less nervous about things as it was the first scan last time that was our downfall.

Regardless of my evil Google habits we are staying confident that the truffle will prevail.


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5 responses to “Google is not my friend.

  1. Blind faith has it’s place in all this.

    • you know that’s true. I’ma complete google addict, but by the end of the pregnancy, I conceded for the first time ever that it’s actually better not to know some things. Before I’d always nodded when people said that but secretly disagreed and raced home to google. The time I finally aquiesced was when I saw my medical report about 12 weeks after giving birth, and noted that the cord had been around the neck three times, and my doc hadn’t told me. Pre-birth, I would have been outraged. Post pregnancy and birth, I didn’t care.
      Re the pains, I think I too convinced myself I had an ectopic pregnancy at one point. Then later on a bit I started feeling period like pains, which are normal.

      • How frightening. I think you are right about sometims it’s better not to know. I have the period pain thang as well and the ‘stitches’ seem to be lessening. They think it is scar tissue from previous operations causing the twinges so that has put me at ease somewhat.
        I’m glad I’m not the only google addict.

  2. *I* am thinking about your embryo ALL THE TIME. You must be completely insane!

    • That’s sweet. I am consumed with thoughts of my truffle. I am incredibly nauseous so it’s hard to think of much else (this is a good thing as last time not so nauseous) ….Wednesday afternoon and we have our first ultrasound….. I’m so excited/nervous/etc.

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