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An epistle to my big boy

My Darling Boy,

Tomorrow you start kindergarten.

How can that be? It seems like only yesterday that you were handed to me in the hospital, all squishy, pink and utterly delicious. As I gazed upon your perfect little face, all scrunched up and screaming though it was, I promised you that I would never take my eyes off you, my precious boy.

And yet, tomorrow I must.

You are off to school.  Not the safe confines, heavily supervised, occasional and completely optional realms of child care, but school! You are a big boy, not a baby anymore (though off the record, you’ll always be my baby. Deal with it) and now there will be so many hours in the week when I will not be able to watch you, care for you or protect you and so many hours that I cannot talk to you, listen to you and guide you. Instead, during those hours, I hand those responsibilities to your teachers.

Though I will not be with you, my head will be full of you every moment – wondering if you’re happy, if you’re making friends, if you’re being kind and respectful or if you’re kung-fu dancing in the hallways (actually I won’t be wondering that as it’s a given). And also if you are missing me as much as I will be missing you.

I feel like I’m releasing you out into the wild. I can only hope I am sending you prepared.

You are a beautiful boy with a big heart and have everything you need to be anyone you want to be and achieve anything you want in life – not least parents who will love you and be behind you all the way, whatever your choices (with the exception of serial killing and joining the Young Liberals).

I know you’re ready for this next big challenge in your life. But tonight I’m seriously wondering if I am. You are so excited and I am excited for you but a part of me is knotted up as I loosen the apron strings and let you go and grow.

It was moments ago you spoke your first words and took your first steps. And now you’re stepping out on to a new stage in your shiny new black shoes (which, incidentally, I give until the end of the day to be scuffed beyond repair).

You are my miracle. The first of two children your dad and I were told we would never have. But here you are and you are larger than life. And even now, as I tuck you into bed as a pre-schooler for the very last time, I still can’t quite believe my luck.

Enjoy your new adventure, Sweetheart.

I love you.




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After much pleading, obsessing and carrying-on from a determined Devilboy, we recently purchased him a dodgy and dirt cheap digital camera. It is, in fact, the most craptastic camera I’ve ever seen. I worried not about its sad lack of pixels and shoddy screen as I figured that, like most of his little fixations, this one would be quickly forgotten and relegated to the bottom of his toy box to collect dust.

What I didn’t realise was that we have been harbouring a pre-school photog in the house or that he would embrace snapping with a real passion.

This was his first ever photograph on his new camera.







To many this is simply an out of focus blob, to his proudly biased parents it is Monet does Sydney Harbour. To Devilboy it is simply, “my art, mama”.  This single snap had him hooked.

Like a half-size Henri Cartier-Bresson , he embarked on a quest to photograph every object – still or wriggling – that he came across until eventually he ran out of things to snap. So he became a gun-for-hire, asking us what we would like him to take pictures of next. Being the uninspired and lazy sods his dad and I are, we suggested that he just take pictures of something red. And so he did. For a week. Obsessively. Everything single red thing that took his fancy, from a pile of lychees in the kitchen to a swathe of red fabric on a random restaurant wall. He even started setting up shots by placing things in different spots. By himself! Because, “It looks better this way mama”.

When he felt he was all redded out, we were told that he was moving on and that his next “project” would be blue, then there was black and white, and just this morning he announced that he is moving on to his green phase.

This is very much Devilboys own thing and I am trying my hardest not to interfere with or stifle his creativity or his vision but together he & I downloaded them all onto my laptop and under his dictatorial guidance together placed his favourite shots into collages.

These are the results.



















I’m not claiming that these should be hung in the National Gallery, but I would like to point out that Devilboy is still only THREE YEARS OLD! These are all his own shots, uncorrected but occasionally cropped to fit under his very firm direction. And I, with absolute parental bias, think they are really quite good.

In awe of my creative little man and his desire to make and record beautiful things, I will, however, claim to be one very, very proud Mama!


February 16, 2012 · 12:46 am

On the rocks?

This afternoon at childcare, surrounded by all his teachers and ooddles of other parents, Devilboy was asked by his father what he would like for dinner. His very loud answer?


How embarassing…. he knows perfectly well that Wednesday night is Tequila night. Vodka on a Wednesday is so last year.


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Viking invasion

At 4am this morning I was woken in my marital bed by something hard and pointy poking into my back.

And, NO it’s not what you’re thinking, you saucy minxes.

In fact, It was a viking helmet. And by viking helmet, I actually mean a viking helmet, and a three foot sword. Both attached to a very awake Devilboy who desperately needed to tell me extremely urgent news that couldn’t possibly wait until daytime.

“Mama, I’m a magic viking!”

“But, it’s the middle of the night!” I growled (having just fallen back to sleep after being exuberantly roused by Devilette for the seventeenth time).

“Yes I know mama, that’s the magic part!”


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Waxing philosophic

Thought for the day:

“Poo cannot dance because it does not have feet. Wee does not have feet either. But, a train poo goes along the track. Interesting.”

Taken from A Postmodern Manifesto – The Collected Works of Devilboy – abridged version.

Genius really. Move over Heidegger, there’s a new philosopher in town.

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Hot Breakfast

‎”Mama, I don’t like Wiggle Bix, can I have Corn Flames for breakfast?”

Sure honey, once I work out what in the name of  fuck a Wiggle Bix actually is and find time to call Kellogs to ask when and where they plan on launching their first chilli flavoured breakfast cereal.

Alternately, you could eat some toast.

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All you zombies

Dad of Devilboy: “Did you have fun with mummy today?”

Devilboy:             “Actually, we killed Zombies with lasers.”

I think my husband may now be quite concerned with my parenting skills.

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 My darling Devilette is quite the Devilboy doppelganger.

Here she does a stirling  impersonation of her brother as a baby. 🙂

She’s definitely got the same looks, but here’s hoping she a tad less insane.

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Stop dragon my heart around.

Most boys ask for a pet dog at some point in their life. Not Devilboy.

He has requested a  pet dragon.

“A black flying dragon.  That I can ride in the sky. With Fire. And nice, not mean. From the dragon shop.”

Well duh, where else would you purchase a dragon? I’m sure the local Westfield has several.

 Jeez, I just hope they haven’t sold out.

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The piano man

Devilboy has a new piano, and by piano I mean piece of plastic crap that has a keyboard and makes a lot of noise, and has been busily churning out some sensational new compositions of his own this evening.

Standout lyrics include;

“I love you daddy and that’s just the way it is!”

“Mummy is my best friend except for Finny who is really my best friend.”

 And my personal favourite,

 “Baby sister, baby sister, you cry a lot… can I lick you?”

Top 40 here he comes.

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