Divine intervention.

Dear Pope,

You’ve been at it again, you cheeky thing.


You know, I’ve  been thinking about your theory and if you want to make a stronger point about how medical intervention undoes what “God has planned”, perhaps you should think about losing the team of medico’s that keeps you going! Alternatively, and as I may have suggested before here , you could just shut up! It’s a shame really that a little Divine intervention doesn’t occur before you open your trap.

I’d share a few of my other thoughts about your latest medieval monologue on how IVF will cause the downfall of humanity but let’s be honest, it’d mostly be a bunch of swearing and I’m far too busy looking after my own genetic replicants to waste any more perfectly good profanities on your archaic drivel.



PS. I’m confused. If sex between a man and his wife is the only way in you humble opinion to conceive a human life, can you please explain the Virgin Mary to me? Couldn’t that be considered a kind of Divine IVF?

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