After much pleading, obsessing and carrying-on from a determined Devilboy, we recently purchased him a dodgy and dirt cheap digital camera. It is, in fact, the most craptastic camera I’ve ever seen. I worried not about its sad lack of pixels and shoddy screen as I figured that, like most of his little fixations, this one would be quickly forgotten and relegated to the bottom of his toy box to collect dust.

What I didn’t realise was that we have been harbouring a pre-school photog in the house or that he would embrace snapping with a real passion.

This was his first ever photograph on his new camera.







To many this is simply an out of focus blob, to his proudly biased parents it is Monet does Sydney Harbour. To Devilboy it is simply, “my art, mama”.  This single snap had him hooked.

Like a half-size Henri Cartier-Bresson , he embarked on a quest to photograph every object – still or wriggling – that he came across until eventually he ran out of things to snap. So he became a gun-for-hire, asking us what we would like him to take pictures of next. Being the uninspired and lazy sods his dad and I are, we suggested that he just take pictures of something red. And so he did. For a week. Obsessively. Everything single red thing that took his fancy, from a pile of lychees in the kitchen to a swathe of red fabric on a random restaurant wall. He even started setting up shots by placing things in different spots. By himself! Because, “It looks better this way mama”.

When he felt he was all redded out, we were told that he was moving on and that his next “project” would be blue, then there was black and white, and just this morning he announced that he is moving on to his green phase.

This is very much Devilboys own thing and I am trying my hardest not to interfere with or stifle his creativity or his vision but together he & I downloaded them all onto my laptop and under his dictatorial guidance together placed his favourite shots into collages.

These are the results.



















I’m not claiming that these should be hung in the National Gallery, but I would like to point out that Devilboy is still only THREE YEARS OLD! These are all his own shots, uncorrected but occasionally cropped to fit under his very firm direction. And I, with absolute parental bias, think they are really quite good.

In awe of my creative little man and his desire to make and record beautiful things, I will, however, claim to be one very, very proud Mama!


February 16, 2012 · 12:46 am

3 responses to “Snap

  1. Lisa

    Wow you should be proud – they are beautiful!!! Congratulations to the very artistic Devil Boy.

  2. Vanessa Roach

    WOW!!! encourage encourage encourage, I am not that creative. Can’t wait to meet Devilboy and Devilette in person xox.

  3. Roni

    I also think they are really quite good.

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