Santa and the psychic soldiers.

Tonight’s bedtime reading started fairly traditionally for a mid December.

We began with a recitation of ‘Puppy’s Christmas Star’, followed in quick succession by ‘Santa Koala’ and a powerful daddy style re-telling of the classic ‘Night before Christmas’.

All fairly normal bedtime fare… 

But Devilboy and normal really don’t sit all that well together.

When told he could pick one more book before lights out, he insisted on “Daddy’s Book… the goat one” and by insisted I mean, when it was explained he would need to pick another, he cried until he turned purple and ran out of the room in hysterics, tearing apart the house  searching for said book. 

And that is how we found ourselves reading “The Men Who Stare at Goats” to a two and half year old boy as he nodded happily off to sleep.

For those of you not familiar with this particular tome, it is a true but insanely disturbing tale of the Iraq War and a secret Government and Military approved unit that employed paranormal powers, powers alleged to be so strong they could kill a goat just by staring at it, in Bush’s equally insanely disturbing war.

You know… that kind of typical kiddie bedtime stuff!

Top marks to Dad of Devilboy for reinventing the story as a slightly more festive tale of a funny looking goat enjoying a happy holiday. And for carefully leaving out passages like “This torture did not take place in Abu Grahib prison, where naked Iraqi detainees were forced to masturbate and simulate oral sex with each other.”

So what’s on the agenda tomorrow night?  Spot’s First Christmas? Or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? Knowing Devilboy, probably not, it’s more likely that he’ll want us to start reading him Keith Richard’s Autobiography.

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