Ee i ee i oh!

Last night while we prepared for bed, Devilboy pointed to the sheep in his book and declared happily. “My did seen a sheep!”

And he had indeed seen a sheep, at a children’s farm, just a few weekend ago.

ME: Where did you see the sheep?

DB: At the farm.

ME: That’s right, at the farm. What else did you see at the farm?

DB: My see piggy.

ME: Yes, you saw a piggy. What else?

DB: My see moo cow.

ME: And what else?

DB: My see goose.

ME: And what else.

DB: My see Ahmed.

ME: Ahmed?

DB: Yes, Ahmed.

ME: Who’s Ahmed?

DB: Ahmed! Ahmed!

ME: Who’s Ahmed???

DB: Ahmed, mummy. Ahmed Donald had a farm, eei oh!

Silly me!

So now I’m visualising an orange-bearded farmer wearing a kilt and a keffiyeh, smoking a habibi while he looks after his flock!

I am also counting my blessings that my son attends a childcare centre with such  a wonderfully diverse cultural balance that he’d come up with this rather sweet interpretation of the old standard.

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One response to “Ee i ee i oh!

  1. Adam Sutherland

    I just spat up my coffee from laughing 😛

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