Brokeback Babies

 “One-year-olds do not play together in the traditional sense. Instead they engage in what’s called parallel play — playing side by side as each does his own thing, but not interacting directly.” This is a fairly standard passage from a parenting book. And it would seem that all the experts concur.

If this is the case it would be wonderful if someone could explain to me why Devilboy and his best buddy Fin (who shall henceforth be known as Devilboy 2)  appear to have been breaking all the rules since they were about seven months old.

So, as typical mates do, they went to the pub for a pint and a chat. (actually an art gallery before you start dialling DOCS – but you must admit it looks suspiciously like two blokes sharing a lager filled afternoon.)

“Hmmm… a pint of Stella or a pint of milk?”

“… and get this, she honestly thought I’d do what I was told. Ha!”

” You think yours is funny? Mine actually thought I’d sleep through the night! Hehe!”

“Same again thanks love”


“Holy crap! Did you see the nappy on that babe?”


“Quick, she’s seen us checking her out, look casual.”

“Hey… pull my finger”

“Ewww, dude!”

“Oi you! More drinks NOW!”

“Dude, act straight or they’re gonna cut us off.”

The two Devilboys were soon enjoying leisurely days seeing the sights.

They bonded over bevvies.

And shared lazy days in the sun.

It soon became clear that it was true love for our little Brokeback Babies.

They quickly formed a little two man team and not only interacted whilst playing but began to work closely together with genuine camaraderie and a real spirit of co-operation. Mostly this ‘work’ involved complete naughtiness – like helping each other to nick stuff.

First Devilboy started by stealing mummy’s placemats from their hiding place whilst Devilboy 2 happily aided and abetted and drove the proverbial getaway car.

But just like a baby Bonnie & Clyde, this is a love story that seems to be the beginning of a more serious life of crime.

Our little outlaws began to aim their sights higher and higher.

From stealing strollers…

To stealing cars…

But  these sweet & crazy boys are mostly just guilty of stealing our hearts.




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3 responses to “Brokeback Babies

  1. awwww, they are just too cute! Raffy is the cutest, of course.

    • From my completely unbiased perpective, Raffy IS the cutest ever! 😉 But Fin(aka Devilboy 2)is a hilarious little man. He’s lovely. As luck would have it – so is his mum.
      It must be a Fin(n) thing! 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Cute. The pub scene is too funny. K x

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