A new addition

Our OB appointment went well and though we tried to sneak a peek on her little ultrasound machine, Truffy had his/her legs determinedly crossed and was giving away no secrets on this occasion.

All is going well and the OB declared that everything was bang on target. Now we just have a few more sleeps to the big 19 week ultrasound on Saturday morning where we will find out if everything is as should be and if the prudish little truffle will stop being so coy and show us what sex he or she actually is. Then the shopping can commence!

Our ever expanding family also now includes a ring-tailed possum that appears to have decided we are his new parents.

Whilst watching a movie a few nights ago this little ball of fluff just started casually hopping across the living room floor right in front of us (and Eddie who seemed oddly oblivious given they are supposed to be mortal enemies – we must have the worlds only possum loving cat).

Recently a bunch of trees were cut down from behind our building and we think he must have lost his regular home and has settled in the trees outside our bedroom. We presume he snuck through a cracked window.

During his first visit we locked the cat away and caught ‘Ringy’ in a box to take back outside to the trees. But for the last few nights at the same time (around 10.30pm), he starts knocking (literally) on our window to come in. He is so unbelievably cute all big pleading eyes and teensy little face. He gets on his haunches and taps at the window until we come over then he reaches right up so he can be head height with us. It is truly strange…

Last night he was knocking at the lounge room window until we came and said hello. We turned the lights off and went to bed and he followed us to that room and did the same thing on that window until we gave him the required amount of attention. We can’t decide if he is after food, is trying to steal our DVD player to hock for drug money or if he is just some kind of sicko marsupial peeping tom.

We can’t leave the windows open (which is going to make summer rather difficult) or he’ll be straight back in and though Eddie seems freakishly chilled by his presence, I don’t want to risk a Ringy/kitty death match in the house.

I have to say seeing a ring-tailed possum casually strolling across the Persian rug in your lounge room is a wee bit odd but having him stalk us is really trippy.


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2 responses to “A new addition

  1. If you or I were Animists, this would be an amazingly good sign. The opposum, I mean.

  2. i’m jealous! love those lil critters

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