re: The lease

Dear Mum,

Thanks for the letter.

I really like the room and have decided that I WILL sign the lease but as I’m still not much more than a bunch of expanding cells I can’t really leave a security bond. Hope that is OK.




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8 responses to “re: The lease

  1. wow wow wow! The one day I don’t get a chance to check LJ too! my goodness. So this is the equivalent of how many weeks pregnant?

    • Just a tad over four weeks.
      It’s extremely early and only my LJ friends, the Doctors and obviously M know at this stage. We are cautiously ecstatic…. given the result last time we wont be 100% convinced until the Ultrasound in three weeks and will not be sharing the news with anyone else (besides our folks) until three months.
      The Doctor did say that my Beta was 264 and they are only looking for it to be over 10 to confirm a preganancy… Though anything under 100 requires a second blood test two days later. 264 is a GREAT strong result and normally figures that high and can be an indication of twins… which is not possible for us as truffle is a definite solo act. My truffle is so tough!
      He/She will make an appearance aroud 20th March 2008, TBC at ultrasound, so will have a birthday quite close to Finn.
      Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! 🙂

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