Two more sleeps

Dear Truffle,

It’s just two more sleeps until we know if you are going to stay awhile.

I hope in the last week or so you’ve managed to make yourself comfortable in your new accommodation. You see… your dad and I really want you to stay with us and are hoping you’ll sign on for a full nine month lease.

We had some longish term tenants last year, two in fact. They were sharing… but broke the lease early after only 10 weeks. Do you remember that nice Scottish Doctor guy that lobbed you into the squishy pink room? Well you can think of him as a kind of uterine real estate agent. He did a pre inspection in there and said it looks like a great place for a hip and cool embryo like you to live… he declared it in an excellent location and that it has all the mod cons you could possibly need. Keep in mind that we are completely happy for you to do any renos you need to make yourself at home…just so long as you stay.

If you do decide to hang around until the end of the lease you’ll outgrow the room so we’ll let you come and share our place and you’ll finally get to meet us.

You’ll like your dad… I do and I’m very, very picky. In fact, he is my favourite person in the whole world.  He’s loads of fun and he’ll make you laugh until it hurts. Plus he’s got great hair which I just know you’ll love pulling really hard (don’t tell him that I told you to try it though). He’ll love you completely and thinks you’re pretty darned cool already.

You’ll get to meet me as well… and then you’ll not only discover what it’s like to be loved to pieces but you’ll get to see first hand exactly what a besotted fool looks like.

We promise it will be worth your while to hang around and short of boarding up the exit all we can do is ask you really nicely… please sign the lease?


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2 responses to “Two more sleeps

  1. I am thinking of a little zygote in a sac, burrowing deeply into a rich cushion of nutrients and softness. I am thinking of a placenta growing to support it. A placenta is an entirely new organ that grows from your blood, from the hormonal messages your bodx sends that tells it to draw what it needs from your body. It makes you feel a little queasy and a lot tired. It is how you will know that everything is working.

  2. I am wishing and hoping for the dear little truffle too. So much love waiting for him or her 🙂 Good thoughts, calm thoughts.

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